Thursday, May 14, 2009

Isaiah's Black Eye, 2009

Well, he did it again! For those of you who remember, 2 years ago, Isaiah got his first black eye. It was quite ER visit, CT scan, many eye dr. visits, etc. But, it was determined that it was just a soft tissue trauma & he would recover...eventually. Well, he did...took about a month to fully heal & looked NASTY in the meantime, but he did heal. And, I guess he just hasn't had enough injuries lately because, while at Grandma & Papa's last weekend, he decided he needed another BIG black eye. Therefore, he slammed his eye against his brother's head. Well, I guess it didn't really happen that way, more like this...3 boys, jumping on the trampoline, one right next to the other & heads crash. Anyway, the first picture is of him on the way home & the 2nd is the next day and the 3rd is that same day (the "next day"). He was a bit embarrassed by the "huge, big, ugly eye" (as he called it), so he wore a pirate patch to school to cover it. This was the only way Mom could convince him to go to school;). Whatever it takes!!!

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