Monday, February 23, 2009

February 09

Well, February is almost over. I can hardly believe it! We have 1 more week of Upward Basketball, we're finally done with Family Fun Day work and festivities at Grove Elementary School (a lot of work for Kristi!), and March is on the horizon. For Spring Break, Kristi & the boys (with POSSIBLY Jason, but we're not holding our breath as he has lots of work going on) are heading to Louisiana to spend some time with our friends, The Ponzo family. The excitement is palpable! We've not visited them since they moved there, so the boys are dying to see "where Sammie & Chance are living." Plus, it'll be warm as opposed to the cold of IL, so they're gonna have a blast. They may even get to participate in their first crawfish least, Kristi hopes so! They probably won't like it much, but that's okay, just the experience will be worth remembering! Isaiah may step up to the plate and try to eat a crawfish or two seeing as he has recently begun enjoying more spicy and different foods. His new snack to enjoy is a red and/or green pepper...he's truly his mother's son:). Not much more going on at the Probst Party Palace...just puttering along, hoping that God has sunny, warm days in his pocket for us instead of snow, but will be thankful for whatever He sends us. He has provided for us so well that, snow or not, we'll be safe & warm! Happy End of February, everyone!

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