Thursday, December 25, 2008

Probst Christmas Vacation to Disney World!

You'll see from the following pictures that you will view our vacation from end to beginning, but that's okay. We woke the boys up at 4:30 am on December 18 and told them that we were going to Disney World. They were totally shocked & excited. After waiting for 2 hours in the Bloomington airport due to technical difficulties with the plane, we were finally on our way. We missed our connecting flight & the backup flight they set up for us, so we had to spend a few hours trying to find a flight that would get us to Orlando. Finally, we got a flight, waited for 5 hours at the Atlanta airport & got to our hotel & registered by 7 pm. We ate dinner at the hotel & then went to bed, preparing for a TERRIFIC time at Disney World. We had a fun time, but got really tired, had some fits, a bit more whining than we like to hear, but FUN!!!

Here are the boys at Epcot on our last day there.

For anyone who knows Kristi well, you know that one of her favorite things about Christmas (next to the Christ child & all that goes along with him) is Nutcrackers!!!

Kristi & the boys pose at Epcot

We spent much of our morning on our last day trying to get to our character breakfast, but missed it (we got faulty instructions about which bus to take) so the boys ate popsicles for breakfast (since we were eating lunch only an hour later). They didn't put up too much of a fight!

Leaving our resort...sad, but tired and ready for our own beds:)

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