Saturday, November 1, 2008

Isaiah dressed up as a monster from "Where the Wild Things Are" and loved it! We thought he was the cutest in his class, of course:)
Isaiah (aka MONSTER), Kiah (dressed as Yoda), and Kyler (aka Darth Vader) pose for a picture.
Kyler & Elias show their "allegiance" to the dark side (tee hee!). Kyler-Darth Vader & Elias-Boba Fett, had fun trick or treating.
Boba Fett (Elias), Jango Fett (Simeon), Collin (not sure who exactly - could be one of the Men in Black, a Blues Brother, or someone from the Matrix), Isaiah (monster), Kiah (Yoda), and Kyler (Darth Vader) pause for a picture before starting to trick or treat.
Halloween was a fun time for the Probst families! Kaylee joined us after her party. She was the CUTEST little Illini Cheerleader!!! Strangely for IL, our weather was warm and beautiful! The kids were actually sweating this year!

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